10 Best SEO Experts In India In 2023

Are you looking for the best SEO experts in India? Here is a list of the Top 10 best SEO expert companies.

SEO Experts In IndiaEmail
Farhan SEO Specialistfarhanseo998@gmail.com
Jagdish Prajapatsales@jagdishprajapat.com
Prempal Singhinfo@prempalsingh.com
Vivek Shahseovivekofficial@gmail.com
Anand Kumar Jhahello@anandkjha.com
Nitesh Prasadniteshprassad@gmail.com
Mandeep Singh Chahalsales@seodiscovery.com

1. Farhan Baksh

SEO Expert In India

If you want to enhance your organic Google traffic? Then you’ve come to the correct spot. Farhan Baksh is one of the best SEO experts in India. He is basically from Mumbai and have his setup in Dubai and he is also known as the best SEO expert in Dubai as well. He has provided quality and result oriented services to his clients.

He specializes in on page optimization, content optimization, keyword research, link building methods, & technical SEO. He has worked for a company with clients all over the world, helping them in enhancing their search engine results & exposure while also gaining significant money.

2. EchoVME

One of the largest digital marketing companies in India. EchoVME Digital has been identified with exceptional Digital Marketing services in Chennai for over a decade.

They have worked with several businesses from various industry verticals over the years, providing them with the knowledge required to crack open the Digital Marketing solution for every niche in the market.

Their team of strategists, thinkers, consultants, and digital marketers live and breathe digital and understand what it takes to boost a brand’s digital offerings.

The founder and Thinker-in-chief lead their vibrant and extremely brilliant workforce. Sorav Jain, With his extensive knowledge of various aspects of digital marketing. He helps the team comprehend the complexities of the field by mentoring them.

3. Ankit SEO

Ankit SEO has an extensive knowledge about SEO and paid marketing, but he is more focused on SEO. His main aim is to provide SEO service at low price so that every level of company can opt for his services be it a very small firm.

He had provided his services to more than 150+ different companies with his expertise in Local and global organic SEO, technical SEO, Google adwords, sales lead generation, user experience optimization, and social media marketing service.

He has also worked on keywords with low to high competition for organic SERP improvements. He pays close attention to search engine criteria & the most recent algorithm in order to give you the greatest results.

4. Jagdish Prajapat

Jagdish Prajapat Uses advanced online marketing strategies to grow a business. He has helped 100+ companies to get more “ready to buy” users to their websites. He got mentioned in Indian news such as DH Deccan Herald and Zee News as well. He is the best SEO experts in India.

His knowledge drives him to the success. We can call him an SEO guru. Improve your keywords, traffic, and rankings by working with Jagdish Prajapat, the top SEO Specialist with a results oriented approach. He has worked with over 200 companies across various niches and domains.

5. Prempal Singh

Prempal Singh is an Indian SEO expert. He optimizes pages throughout a website to boost SERP ranking and produce a great user experience, resulting in increased website traffic, lead volume, and brand exposure. In today’s competitive digital world, no matter what sort of business you have or the size of the corporation you run, if your SEO is inadequate, your rivals will replace you from the market.

SEO is not a simple process; it needs much knowledge, experience, and time. Only an SEO specialist like Prempal who is well-versed in and equipped with SEO methods can carry out optimization flawlessly. Prempal Singh is regarded as India’s leading SEO expert, offering top-tier SEO services and consulting to a wide range of industrial verticals.

He maintains up to speed on the dynamic variables of ever-changing SEO and search-engine algorithms in order to design effective optimization tactics that produce ROI-driven results.

6. Vivek Shah

The creator of seovivek is Vivek Shah, an SEO experts in India. He has been working in this fantastic and ever-changing industry for ten years. His interest and motivation to learn more about search engine optimization have filled him with enthusiasm and understanding about the fine aspects. With his broad experience, he can assist a start-up, a global powerhouse, or anybody in between to expand their online presence and hence boost their business.

His team comprises an SEO specialist, tech and non-tech workers, designers, developers, writers, and other experts that assist him in gathering assignments from diverse industries and delivering them to his clients with the utmost pleasure.

Most of his team members operate as freelance SEO experts in Ahmadabad, but they have clients from all over the world and vast experience.

He also has extensive experience with lead generation, sales funnels, landing pages, product development, site design, WordPress, and backlinking.

7. Anand Kumar Jha

Anand kumar Jha is an aeronautical engineer by training & a qualified SEO specialist & digital marketer with a background in data science. He presently resides in Chandigarh, India. He has helped several small companies develop online.

Beginning with his studies. He attended GMSS School 37B in Chandigarh & then went on to pursue his engineering in aeronautics at IK GUJRAL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY.

He has collaborated with experts from India’s DRDO. He received his industrial training at TBRL DRDO Chandigarh & worked on DRDO projects. Scientists commended his project effort.

He has almost 9 years of search engine optimization experience. He began his work in the search marketing sector while still in college. He became interested in web design & marketing. Then he published his blog, www.keyshone.com, in the Aeronautical & Aerospace engineering sector.

He has worked with various well known online consulting firms in India. He has helped to the growth of several small enterprises, blogs, & entrepreneurs.

8. Nitesh Prasad

Nitesh Prasad is one of the best freelancer SEO Experts In India. He provides you with effective, reliable, & affordable SEO services, Website Development, Website Designing, & Digital Marketing services for your firm. He fulfills all the requirements a business needs to become the top company in the digital world.

He believes in an ethical SEO technique to ensure that your website is as optimized as possible without the danger of getting punished later by Google algorithms.

9. Webenza

Webenza is a brand manager and marketer at heart who believes in selling advantages to customers via storytelling rather than simply selling a product. A tale that will make your customers stop, look, and remember your brand. Their goal is to bring value to the brands they work on and the services they offer.

They can proudly state that every day since their beginning has been nothing short of exciting and fulfilling for the businesses they deal with, and for each of them individually. It’s been an incredible journey of synchronizing intelligence, strategy, creativity, and technology to help companies push the boundaries and engage with people in novel, inventive, and intriguing ways.

10. Mandeep Singh Chahal

Mr. Mandeep Singh is one of the best SEO experts in India. Mandeep has one of the best SEO agencies in Delhi named Seo India Higherup. He has 15+ years of experience working in strategic digital marketing with a proven record of delivering successful solutions to companies of all sizes. As an “SEO King,” he is constantly committed to providing businesses with the best Digital Marketing services.

It comes easy to him to inspire & promote the business culture & teamwork among others. Mandeep Singh has been appointed to the Forbes Agency Council & Expert Panel as a result of his passion & excitement for learning & helping others. If you’re searching for an experienced company growth strategist to help you build your internet business, Mandeep Singh is the man to call.


I have mentioned the most experienced SEO experts in India with brilliant results they have given to their clients. I hope this article is helpful for you to make a good decision.

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Farhan Baksh

Farhan Baksh is the best SEO expert in Dubai. He is a result-driven SEO specialist who specializes in developing effective and innovative strategies that drive growth and exceed expectations. He has expertise in on-page, content optimization, keyword research, link-building strategies, and technical SEO. He also have experience writing about SEO, he has a depth knowledge of On-page SEO, Technical SEO, Link Building, and other aspects of SEO.