Overview is an Informational website run by an Indian Pharmacist by the name of Raunak Sushil Dandekar. This website was created with the sole intent of providing solid information regarding several drugs. The website visitors include those who are curious to learn about the drug, and those who want to find out how Painosoma reacts with other drugs that aren’t much spoken about. It is a fact that the majority of search queries are not addressed in a proper fashion, therefore, this is one of the areas that we as a website target. Painosoma is a single product website.

The goal of this project was to increase the traffic to the blogs and generating more leads.




Fahad Shaikh



working me

My Role

  • Analyzed and identified blog titles that increased website traffic.
  • Uploaded blogs daily with all on-page and off-page SEO techniques.
  • Used to Keep track of Topic sheets, Off page activity sheets, Guest posting sheets, etc.
  • Constructed monthly growth charts, Prepared and delivered appropriate presentations on services.
  • Coordinated with content writers to create keyword-optimized content for the website & Tracking focused keywords.
  • Coordinated with the graphic designer to create attractive Images.
  • Collaboration with the team members to achieve the sales target.
  • Studied analytics in Webmaster, Google Analytics, Ahref, and Semrush.
  • Identified bugs on the website and contacted the developers to resolve them.
  • Used to monitor the Live Chat on the website.
  • Developing and implementing innovative ideas with the support of the team.
  • Conduct market research to identify selling possibilities and evaluate customer needs.


Painosoma was designed with the purpose of giving reliable information on various drugs. Painosoma faced a huge drop-down in users because of MAY 2022 update. The website was having different pages for each product. The roadmap to convert users and get sales are given below.

I supported the team in Idea generation and strategy implementation. I was responsible for on-page, off-page and technical SEO and, many more things as mentioned above in My Roles.

While the experience was short, I was extremely fortunate for the experience and I got the opportunity to implement my knowledge in a real-life project.

Some key Achievements Are Listed Below:

  • Implemented a successful strategy to solve a problem. I was able to experience first-hand implementation of a process to solve a problem presented. Initial meetings with the team working on the same project brought forward the problem of reaching a potential audience and generating more sales. I was involved in the process of strategy formation through huddles and brainstorming. 

  • Established a collaborative team-working process. I was able to input my knowledge and the skills which I gained in the Digital marketing course and also the things I was learning from other members. Working within a collaborative, highly creative, and innovative team was a truly amazing experience.

  • Developed trusting relationships with content writers, developers, and graphic designers throughout the experience, I worked closely with a Senior SEO analyst. I showcased consistency & dependability and developed a professional trusting relationship.

Understanding The Problems​

We used to set up a meeting twice weekly to find out the solutions to the problems and to generate creative ideas. I actively listened, asked questions, and took notes in the initial meetings, after which I kept giving creative ideas for companies growth and development. We faced a huge drop-down in websites because of MAY 2022 Google update. 

Using My Knowledge I Proposed The Following Solutions:

  • My research power is quite good, so according to my research, I figured out the problem as to why our website was going down, we prepared a presentation regarding the MAY 2022 Google update.

  • When I identified and studied our website, I found that our top blogs and older blogs were going down, and major keywords were disappearing.

  • I used to follow some SEO Experts such as Marie Haynes, Brian Dean, and Neil Patel and some websites such as,, and

Strategic Approach

Some Strategies Which I Have Applied Are Listed Below:

  • For improving the old blogs and top blogs I suggested adding new recent references and updated numeric things, percentages and dates, I also suggested to improve the content from the perspective of the user’s intent.

  • To hire famous doctors for content writing as a freelancer from the perspective of EAT update.

  • Adding an offer pop-up on the website to grab the attention of users and generate more sales.

  • To improve content structure by adding MCQ at the end of the website to make users engage with us.

Key Insights & Results

  • We continued to generate traffic and revenue after implementing all of the strategies listed above.

  • According to google analytics we have gained 9.30% growth. The data projecting the growth has been attached below.

  • We also exceeded the target that was set for us.

  • Our pop-up strategy worked effectively with the offer, and the consumer has returned to us for future prescription purchases.

Ahref painosoma SS

Keywords I Have Ranked On #1.

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  • buy soma 500mg online
  • buying gabapentin online
  • best prescription muscle relaxer for menstrual cramps
  • can you take tylenol on an empty stomach
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And many more keywords.