What Is Link Building?

What Is Link Building?

Link building is the process of getting a link from another website to your website with an anchor text. The purpose of getting backlinks is to increase the authority of your pages for Google so that we could get a higher ranking and more traffic to our website.

Most probably it depends on the type of website. If it is an ecommerce website then you need to get dozens of backlinks to increase its authority. If it’s a blogging website then I don’t think you required much of the backlinks. Maybe 1 or 2 per month from high domain authority and from relevant websites. (Though experience speaks).

Why Is Link Building Important?

Link building is one of the ranking factors. You will need to get a backlink if you really want your website to get a higher rank on the search engine result page.

Google Identifies and analyzes those links and then gives website ranking according to the quality, relevancy, and authority of a website. Google gives a higher rank when a reputable website links to your content. They effectively find a way for potential users to discover your website.

What Makes A Good Backlink?

First, the important thing is to know the reasons that make a good backlink. You need to make a strategy accordingly, then only you could able to improve your rankings. Without knowing the ways from which you can get good backlinks, the backlinks will be going to get wasted. There are some criteria that show that the backlink is good.

Let’s find out how to determine whether links are valuable to build:

You are at the right place if you are looking for link building guide. You can be the best SEO expert if you follow the strategies given below.

1. Authority

Authority is a term used to measure the search engine ranking score. It refers to the overall quality of a webpage or a website. Higher the authority score of a website it may have the greater weight of its backlinks.

For example, a link from Semrush or Ahref will likely have a much bigger impact than a link from an unknown blogger.

You can use website SEO checker tool, to find a Domain authority quickly.

Domain Authority checker

2. Relevance

The 2nd thing you should check for is the relevancy. You should check the keywords they are ranking for. If they don’t have any topic or keywords raking related to your niche then getting backlinks from that website is a waste. Always look for relevancy when it comes to getting a backlink.

Ahref is one of the tools you can check the relevancy of a website and if it is worth getting a backlink from that website.

An Easy way to check for relevancy is that you need to enter the URL in the site explorer and then go to organic keywords, you can check if they are getting related keywords to your niche or not.

3. Placement

The position of a link is the very important part, we just can’t put the link anywhere in the page and expect a result from it.

Links in the content will generally receive more clicks because the content block receives the greatest attention from visitors.

Another factor that could affect a link’s CTR is its position on the page. Users are more likely to click links close to the beginning of an article compared to those at the conclusion.

Prominently placed links may transfer more authority

4. Anchor Text

If you have never heard about the term “anchor text” It is a clickable element of the text that links to another page. Basically, that anchor text will describe what the linked landing page is all about.

Anchor text is important for search engines and users as well because they determine what the anchor text is all about.

Anchor text is important from the Keyword optimization perspective because if you are getting a backlink, you obviously need to show your whole business in just 2, or 3 words. So it is important from the SEO point of view to create a better anchor text that describes your business when getting backlinks.

5. Nofollow vs. Follow


‘Nofollow’ is a link attribute that tells Google not to give any value or to follow that link. This is typically used when the website owner doesn’t want to give any kind of value to the link which the owner is applying on anchor text.

Let’s have an example how does it look like.

In Google eyes links with “nofollow” tag doesn’t pass any authority and doesn’t give any value to it. But they still have a recognition and pass on some referral traffic.


Follow links are links with value, it passes the authority and ranking credit as well. You should always prefer to follow links rather getting no-follow links because it won’t be worth getting no follow links though it won’t give you the link juice/value or authority.

What Are The Types Of Backlinks?

There are several types of backlinks that can be categorized.

Let’s have a List of types of backlinks.

  • Guest post
  • Outreach
  • Citation
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Image submission
  • Profile submission
  • Business listing
  • PBN (private blog network)
  • Web 2.0
  • Press release
  • Broken link building
  • Blog commenting
  • Classified Submission
  • GMB Post
  • Roundups
  • Backlink Gap Analysis
  • Find Unlinked Brand Mentions
  • Examine Competitor Backlinks

What Are The Best Backlink Strategies?

There are several types as given above & strategies for link building, but let’s have a look at the best backlinks-building strategies which work the most.

Most probably backlink effects depend on the niche and the category of a business. You need to figure out which backlink strategy is going well for that niche.

1. Outreach OR Guest post

Outreach is when you reach out to people for a backlink through mail or by any other platform.

You need to make sure that you have selected the correct website for backlinks. You have to look for quality, relevancy, and authority and you have to check if they are getting organic keywords related to your niche or not.

Ahref is one of the tools you can use to analyze a competitor from which website they are getting backlinks. Now that you have made a list of websites after analyzing competitors for backlinks. Analyze each website from that list if it is worth getting backlinks or not.

Here are some steps you need to apply to look for the best website for backlinks.

  • Analyze competitors from which websites they are getting backlinks
  • Make a list of those websites
  • Analyze each website, and check their organic keywords

If they are getting keywords related to your blog topic or niche then you are good to go with that website for backlink

2. Broken Link Building

Broken link building is the process of finding a website that has an anchor text with a 404 error on other websites in your niche. Then reaching out to them to ask if they can link your content to that anchor text which is relatable.

It works very well since no one wants to direct people to faulty pages. And you’re providing a useful alternative.

Look for broken pages on competitor’s websites to get started with broken link building.

First, enter the domain of a competitor into Semrush’s Backlink Analytics tool. Select “Analyze.” Then, on the left-hand side of the “Indexed Pages” report, tick the “Broken Pages” option.

You may now view all of your competitors’ broken pages. Sorted according to the amount of referring domains.

Each referring domain has the ability to provide you with one or more backlinks.

Click on the number in the backlinks column to see the exact URLs that have links leading to broken sites.

Good opportunities often include:

  • You may easily change the content on your own.
  • There are several hyperlinks linking to them.

Export the report for each good opportunity you discover. You may return to it later.

After a few times, you should have a list of high-quality broken links that lead to dead pages. Then contact them to obtain the links.

3. Citation

Citation refers to an online mention of your business name, address and phone number on other websites. Citation are important for local SEO, it basically helps to get a good ranking for your Google my business. 

A citation is when your company’s name, address, and phone number (NAP) are mentioned or referenced on other websites, directories, or online platforms. These citations are especially crucial for local SEO since they assist search engines such as Google in verifying the integrity and credibility of your company’s content.

Citations can be structured (the NAP information is provided in a specified manner on directories or business listing websites) or unstructured (the information is included in the body of a webpage or an online piece without a defined format).

Consistent and accurate citations across several online sources can help your local search rankings. Citations are used by search engines to assess the reliability and importance of a business within a certain geographic region.

When creating citations for your company, make sure the information is correct and up to date. Any differences or inconsistencies in your NAP information across multiple platforms might mislead search engines and hurt your local search visibility.

4. Roundups

Roundups is a process where writers or website gathers and curates information from various sources to create an excellent and informative space. Basically Roundups focuses on a specific niche or topic and it aim to provide users with various collection of insights, tips, suggestion, opinions from specialist or experts in the field.

Roundups may be an efficient SEO technique since they provide various advantages:

Content Variety: Roundups give numerous perspectives and ideas on a specific issue by combining material from several sources. This can increase the content’s readership and value.

Expert Authority: Incorporating views from industry experts or well-known persons into the roundup helps boost the content’s credibility and authority. It can also draw a larger audience, increasing the likelihood of social shares and backlinks.

Backlink Opportunities: It is usual to include links back to the sources of the compiled content when building a roundup. This may result in possible backlinks from those sources, which can improve your website’s SEO by improving its authority and exposure.

When implementing roundups for SEO, it’s critical to make sure the information is interesting, relevant, and well structured.

Roundups may be a useful SEO technique since they allow collecting of good material, showcasing industry knowledge, and attracting backlinks & social interaction.

5. Backlink Gap Analysis

A backlink gap Analysis helps you to know the backlinks of your competitor and also the backlinks you are missing from getting a backlink.

It’s a great strategy, If they are happy giving a backlink to your competitor than they will be even more happy to give you a backlink as well and it will be amazing if you create a better content than your competitors.

To begin, open Semrush’s Backlink Gap tool.

Add your domain as well as the domains of your rivals. And then click “Find prospects.”

backlink gap tool

The table displays all referring domains with backlinks to the rivals you choose.

backlink gap overview

To acquire more particular information, use the drop-down arrows.

It will display the website’s Authority Score, particular anchor text, target URL, backlink date, and other information.

backlink gap export report

Click the “Export” button on the top right to export this report.

You now have a list of potential websites to approach for backlinks to your article.

Keep Track Of Your Link Building Strategies

Building links requires time, effort, and patience.

We suggest doing regular audits to avoid having it all go to waste. This will assist you in tracking earned links, lost links, and overall backlink quality.

Best Link Building Tools

  • Ahrefs
  • Semrush
  • Moz Link Explorer
  • Majestic SEO

These are just a few of the link-building tools in the market. Each tool has its own set of unique features and strengths, so while selecting the proper tool for your link building efforts, keep your personal needs and goals in mind.

While these tools can be beneficial, successful link development still demands manual work, connection building, and giving value to your target audience and potential link partners.


Now that you know how link building works, you can begin working on your link building campaign.

Keep an eye on what your competitors are up to. And grab fresh possibilities as soon as feasible.

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